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“You always,” “You never,” “You make me,” “You hurt me,” “You this,” “You that.”

Sound familiar? These are the common land mines stepped on in the realm of dysfunctional relationships. Nine times out of ten, these landmines are made out of unmet needs, poor communication, and lack of ownership.


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“Of course I’m listening!” I said as I continued checking my phone, tuning her out like she was background noise.

I hurriedly fired off a message and pocketed my phone just in time to prevent another fight from erupting. Communication was not my forte.

I realized later that what I…

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Forget about looks.

Ok, don’t actually forget about looks cause they matter. However, they won’t matter much if you’re not actually “feeling it.”

Here’s an example:

I’ve been on several dates where I was kind of attracted to her but not like, “Hell yeah” attracted. She could feel it, and…

Michael Zick Coaching

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