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Michael Zick Coaching
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Forget about looks.

Ok, don’t actually forget about looks cause they matter. However, they won’t matter much if you’re not actually “feeling it.”

Here’s an example:

I’ve been on several dates where I was kind of attracted to her but not like, “Hell yeah” attracted. …

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It’s easy to train an elephant.

All you need to do is tie a baby elephant’s leg to a tree or a stake, and soon enough, it succumbs to the reality that escape is impossible. …

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“You always,” “You never,” “You make me,” “You hurt me,” “You this,” “You that.”

Sound familiar? These are the common land mines stepped on in the realm of dysfunctional relationships. Nine times out of ten, these landmines are made out of unmet needs, poor communication, and lack of ownership.


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“I’m a fucking bull in a china shop,” I said to a female friend as we deconstructed what went wrong, realizing that a pattern of bad behavior has been killing my interactions with women.

One day prior

“Did you really think that was funny?” She said about the joke I sent to the…

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“Of course I’m listening!” I said as I continued checking my phone, tuning her out like she was background noise.

I hurriedly fired off a message and pocketed my phone just in time to prevent another fight from erupting. Communication was not my forte.

I realized later that what I…

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Today was a big day.

It was the day I looked down at the depths of my anger and couldn’t see the bottom.

What was a suspicion turned out to be darker, deeper, and broader than I imagined. …

It all starts with willingness.

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You’re probably used to me writing about life and relationships and offering advice, but that is not life and relationship coaching.

Life coaching is not consulting.

I’ve written about various aspects of mental health, such as addictive behavior, codependency, childhood trauma, and family roles. …

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“Oh God,” I thought as I flipped through Terence T. Gorski’s Denial Management Counseling Workbook. I had just removed it from its plastic shrink wrap and skimmed a few pages.

Another recommendation from my counselor sat there on my lap, and just from reading a few paragraphs, I now had…

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The Future

I can’t think of anything that provokes more fear than events that have not yet come to pass. Worry, obsession, and anxiety are staples of what’s known as Future Tripping.

It’s not our fault, however. …

The Golden Rule needs a rewrite.

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What Is Reality?

It’s one of the great philosophical debates.

Is it fixed, or is it determined primarily by our own perception?

Think back to an argument you had with someone where your interpretation of events was different from theirs. Perhaps one of you read a tone…

Michael Zick Coaching

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