Michael Zick
1 min readOct 9, 2022

I agree with most of your points and would like to see a Part 2 or an expansion on men's and women's expectations vs. reality.

Where I see most people get things wrong is placing the blame on the opposite sex, falling victim to confirmation bias, where "all women are like ____" or "all men are like ____." In reality, however, they keep looking for love in all the same places that didn't work before and then compare their lives to those they find on social media.

Everyone's relationship looks ideal on Instagram, so people think they can bypass the deep inner work it takes to find, attrack, and keep a quality partner. Furthermore, people don't want to take the time to date slowly and truly get to know someone before jumping into bed. Today, it's have sex first, ask questions later.

Rarely have I seen people make a relationship out of something that was designed to be a sexual fling. I think what worked in the past is that more people wanted to have a family much earlier in life. Today, for both men and women (but a growing number of women), it's 1. Career; 2. Lots of sex; 3. Hurry up and find someone before middle age; 4. Get divorced when the kids go off to college.

I believe we're in what will be known as the Post-Family Era.