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This is an incredibly well-thought out and written piece, and one that I'm going to be discussing with my friends and clients. Indeed roles are shifting as more women embrace corporate life and climb the career ladder.

I'm not an advocate for single motherhood — not for boys at least, and this for me is the biggest downside to this trend. However, if the circumstances are that in which the father is more present with the kids then I do support that to some degree. Contrary to popular belief I think dads are just as important as they were decades and centuries ago. You don't have to believe me about this, but perhaps you'd trust someone like John Gottman, PhD.

Now, as far as college, I think that many *smart* men are realizing that it doesn't take a college education to start your own online business or learn a programming language that could land you a job at Google. Furthermore, as you pointed out, there's no crippling student debt to contend with, so the no-college scenario for men does not equate to them becoming a plumber or electrician (even though those are still lucrative and well-paying careers on the higher end).

I think the biggest downside to all this is going to be a growing number of fatherless boys raised almost solely by women. Without a solid male role model in their lives, these boys will likely be out of touch with their masculinity, and in the case of a mother who is vocal about her grudges toward men, he might actually come to despise it.

Maybe that's what the future woman would want: a man who's more attuned to nurturing and raising kids than ever before. I'm not sure if a lot of guys would be truly happy with that though. Time will tell. As for now, I've made a career out of helping men whose relationships have disintegrated due to his lack of masculine edge and bold authenticity in the relationship.

As far as I can tell, most women don't biologically want a stay-at-home pansy.

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